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Closed rhinoplasty may be recommended for aesthetic or medical reasons. These can include:

  1.  dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nose and the desire to change its shape or size;
  2.  problems with nasal breathing associated with a deviation of the nasal septum or an overgrown mucosa;
  3.  congenital and acquired deformities of the nose.

Closed rhinoplasty is preferable in terms of low tissue trauma, as well as a shorter recovery period.


Despite the low trauma level, closed rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention, so, as with any operation, there are a number of contraindications:

  • severe chronic diseases, including diabetes;
  • oncological pathologies;
  • blood-clotting disorder;
  • the presence of an inflammatory or infectious process in the body;
  • pregnancy and lactation period.

In addition, for complex and extensive defects, open surgery may be recommended for some patients instead of closed rhinoplasty.

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