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There are several types of the operation distinguished. Depending on the area of intervention, there are:

  • closed rhinoplasty of the nasal tip – a thickened or long, turned-up, drooping or asymmetric nasal tip – is the most common reason to visit a doctor;
  • nose alae – correction is performed to change the width, thickness, or symmetry of the nostrils;
  • columella – the lower part of the nasal septum between the nostrils. If it seems too narrow or wide, you can make a correction;
  • septoplasty – correction of the nasal septum allowing to get rid of nasal congestion;
  • rhinoseptoplasty – a combined operation in which the correction of the nasal septum is complemented with an improvement in the nose shape;
  • augmentation rhinoplasty – lifting the bridge of the nose, performed in a case of a flattened nose;
  • conchotomy – removal of hypertrophied mucosa that prevents the free passage of air;
  • grafting is carried out in a case of a small or too short nose.

Surgical intervention can be aimed at correcting any part of the nose or be complex, in which several different techniques are combined.

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